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Real Estate Agent Fees in Greece  

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The main thing that makes us different is that we ANSWER OUR PHONES . This is not that we are not busy but because it is always easy to take the call and to ask you if we can call back later. İf you feel to check online the real estate fees in Greece this means that you are not so comfortable at your side . 

Real estate brokers charge 2% and generally work with the vendor and buyer. Generaly there are no government controls on agents fees but in general is 2 per cent plus VAT. The real estate agent fee is not included in the purchase price . 

For this reason having some kind of advisor on your side is not a bad idea.

It is always imperative to check in advance how much you are required to pay. Have in mind that real estate agents are service providers and if you are told that they will not get commission that means that either they are including their fee in the buying price or that you are doing something wrong . 

On the other side do not bargain too much for the commission fee with your agent having in mind that real estate agent that can not defend his service fee is not capable to fight for your rights against the vendor. Or let me tell this in another way . Bargain to see if he is able to defend his rights first 🙂 

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