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Buying a property in Greece

Foreigners buying property in Greece has become very popular nowadays. Greece has a pleasant, healthy climate and in recent years the local authorities have made great efforts to increase the number foreign tourists and residents. Greece now derives more of its foreign income from tourists than any other country in Europe. Due to low property prices , now is a good time to buy property in Greece. There is a very wide selection of standards, from flats, buildings,plots, villas, townhouses and new apartment developments.

There is a big property bank in Greece , and there is no shortage of real estate  in Greece

There are plenty of real estate agents and important  to search out a good company who will care for your requirements.

Before you buy a property in Greece you should use our website to look at the different areas then consider visiting your favourites before deciding where to buy. Many people also rent a property in that area first.

Here’s a simple guide to get the most out of buying a property in Greece :

Set your budget limit and stick to it but before all communicate your needs and requirements with your real estate agent . 

Don’t bargain so strong with your real estate agent having in mind that the realtor who can not defend his service fee can not defend you.

Visit the property at least twice before you make a decision.

Check what amenities the property has such as electricity, water, electricity .

Have an architect examine the structure of the building , your real estate agent should have a mechanical engineer on his team . 

Talk to your prospective neighbours about the area.

If you are unsure about a property, take photos to review them later 

Have your legal advisor check ownership of the property before you sign anything.

Have your legal advisor check outstanding debts on the property before you sign anything .

You can contact us : [email protected]r  via whatsapp or viber 00306987098983. 

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