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In the buying process, there are three specific stages:
a. The researching  stage, in which the buyer or investor has to prepare all the research on and off the field in order to choose the right property.

This is the only stage in which a buyer has plenty of mobility and decision-taking power.

Get the full support of an agent to save you time and money. It is crucial to transfer the picture you have in your mind to your realtor . Don’t forget that it is a cooperation and it is very important to explain the real estate agent the whole plan. If you feel you need to hide something from your real estate agent , find another agent. 

b. The technical part: where an agent ,  lawyer and a mechanical engineer  will oversee all the aspects that involve utility licences, debts on the property, etc, and double-check that all administration is in order.

c. The legal part of the buying process, which you cannot contribute much to . 

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