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Buying a house is time consuming, difficult and very expensive – if something goes wrong . Get your house search off to a good start with our property guide. Make sure you find out about the property market and understand how the system of buying a home in Greece works as it might be very different from your home country .

Why hire us ?
Most of our clients are international clients. We started with Lebanon as we have also a branch in Beirut. Our experience grew with Turkish citizens who are still buying in an increasing trend.
We are a team of 30 professionals having two lawyers that will handle the property transactions and a mechanical engineer enabling you to have also the architects perspective before investing your money in. The real estate agency CENTRAL undertakes responsible sale and renting procedure in Athens . Our experience and portfolio is at your disposal at your earliest convenience enabling you to decrease the cost of buying a property in Greece.

You can contact us [email protected] and 00306987098983 via whatsapp and viber 


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