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The general area of Koukaki borders from the north with Makrygianni neighbourhood and the historical district of Plaka (the historical neighbourhood of Athens),

the Municipality of Kallithea and Petralona neighbourhood from the south, Neos Kosmos neighbourhood from the east, and Filopappou and Thisio

neighbourhoods from the west. The two largest streets that cross Koukaki are Veikou Street (north-to-south) and Dimitrakopoulou Street (south-to-north).

On the borderline between Koukaki and Neos Kosmos stands Andrea Syngrou Avenue, an important avenue in Athens that connects its center with Poseidonos

Avenue to the south. I don’t feel good with that kind of depictions its better to see it directly in map herebelow .

Vogue magazine’s American Edition has named Koukaki and Makriyianni as the ‘new up-and-coming neighbourhoods’ to visit in Athens.

Koukaki was listed as the fifth top trending neighbourhood worldwide out of  16 with the highest increase in demand for 2015.

I will try to explain the reason as simple as I can :

Plaka has a very touristic nature all places were close and it pushed all traffic  to south directly to Koukaki, its position on Athens map

gives many advantages…it is close to Acropolis, Plaka and all the Athens sights ,is another way of explaining the transmittion .

Koukaki took its name from Mr. Koukakis which was the owner of a bed manifacturing unit in this area . Its a proof that it was

not a touristic area .It was and still is a residencial area still remains as a quite area, although its becoming  touristic .

it is realy quite even for poor sleepers.

I see in different reviews that “The part of Koukaki that is in touch with plaka is among the best part of Athens.”

This is not a correct information anymore but I will stay in real estate aspect of thing .

It is the most difficult place for a real estate company because the numbers for sale and for rent are  very limited.

Koukaki is the paradise of the shared economy and hits records every year.

We have close relationship with owners renting their houses or flats and we see that the average number is between 270 and 310 .

The closest neighborhood to Acropolis  is Koukaki . If you check the statistics of the Airbnb or if you make a research on the internet

you can see articles that Koukaki  ranks fifth in the world as one of the fast growing areas in the world .

We have lots of clients asking to rent a flat and we are in difficult position to tell them that we don’t have any.

All the owners prefer to rent it via Airbnb or similar platforms and they don’t prefer normal renting.

This was the start to grow another model of investment  .Investors are buying old houses, or houses that need renovation

they renovate them and put it in platforms like Airbnb .

This week I was showing the flat pictured below.

It was bought by a couple in bad condition and they renovated it .
They are selling the flat for Airbnb use .
The current selling price is 98,000 euros expected yearly return seems app. 15.000 euros
The average number of nights rented is general area is 250 up  300 days .
Yunanistan > Attiki > Kentro Athinas > Koukaki-makrigianni > Koukaki
Property Type 
Square Meters 
50 sqm
Situation of the Property 
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