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 Think about living in your house in Greece but not like tourist like a local resident. Greece grants you and your family ( your mother, your father, your children and your wife ( including father and mother of your wife of husband ) . You will have access to all schengen area countries. 

One of the most interesting thing of this Golden Visa issue for me is that originally is not a visa . İt is a perminent residence permit which is renewed as soon as you own the property you bought. 

So as a matter of fact the term Golden Visa is wrong and the correct term is Perminant Residence Programme . 

Non European Union citizens that invest more than 250.000 euro’s in any sector of the Greek economy can obtain a residence permit for the purpose of investment activity in Greece . 

The investment activity may involve construction of new facilities , business acquisitions, or expansion of current activities , provided that ith has a positive impact on the national economy. 

Greece is the safest up to now member of European Union and Eurozone having at least 320 days of sun per year.

Benefits to buy a property in Greece . 

You will not have any restrictions like days to stay in order to get the residence permit. 

There is not language requirement for starting the procedure . 

There is no minimum personal income or any limitation of financial situation of the applicant . 

The procedure is fast , transparent and applicant friendly. 

The application cost is very low in comparison with other countries supplying the same programme. 

Residence permit is a seperate electronic card like driving licence and it is not attached vignette on the passport.

The prices of real estate are very competitive compared to other European countries . 

The property can be rented out without any legal restriction as to start producing an income for the landloards.

The rents are increasing nowadays in Greece and there are high rental yields for residencial and commercial properties in Greece. 

For more information regarding the Greek Golden Visa Programme please contact us :

00306987098983 , [email protected] 


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